Primary Level, Book 1 Overview [Video]

My Piano Program will truly Transform Your Life.

It is an Easy Step by Step system that can be used and enjoyed by anyone who truly desires to learn how to play the piano and be the best they can be.

We will learn through a more holistic approach in a relaxed and fun environment.

Watch the short video to see all the cool things that are awaiting you in this first book of the Primary Level:

Giving Christina a piano lesson

My daughter Christina, who was born with Down syndrome, inspired me to create this program. In other words, even those with an intellectual challenge and learning difficulty can use this program and be successful at playing the piano.

The traditional world of piano lessons has left us with many gaps, questions and frustrations, to the point where most students eventually give up and even dislike music-lessons and the piano.

But not so with my Music Transforms You Piano Program. I have gone through great lengths and research, used all my years of experience, study and knowledge as a pianist, piano-instructor, mom, homeschooling-mom and mom of a disabled child, and poured ALL THAT into this program that now lies before you!

I made this piano program fun, entertaining, educational and inspirational.

When we first approach the piano, it is a stranger whom we get to know and become friends with over time, just like any other relationship.

This program is about befriending the piano and becoming comfortable with it, and learning to respect and love it.

When you respect and love the piano, it will give you great joy, pleasure, and many happy moments in return. It is a partnership, a friendship, not a dictatorship!

It is about learning patience, resilience, forgiving yourself and others when making mistakes. It’s about never giving up, pressing forward, about being kind and extending extra measures of grace towards those that are different from us. It is about getting to know yourself, for the piano will become a reflection of you, and it will mirror your heart and soul back to you.

Playing the piano is about bonding and spending quality time together, creating a deeper connection with yourself and those around you, through the magical powers of music.

Playing the piano is about creating beauty and harmony in your own world, in your family, as well as in the world around you.

Keeping all this in mind, I start my program by feeling the basic concepts, like Right Left, Fast Slow, LoudSoft, LowMiddle High, in our own body first, by dancing, singing, clapping, running – walking, using the voice for Loud and Soft, movements and the parachute for LowMiddle High.

Then we transfer that gained “feeling” and knowledge to the drum, the most primitive instrument. It is accessible to everyone, because anyone can tap out beats.

Rhythm does not just exist in music, but it is everywhere: the ebbing and flowing of the ocean, the planets orbiting the sun, night and day, speech, running, walking; the seasons have rhythm: spring, summer, autumn and winter; our own heart beats in a rhythm.

Let’s think about this: what is the first sensation of the child in the womb? Of course, it is the heartbeat of the mother. The rhythm of the heart-beat is the first learning channel, the first music, of every human being; and the beating of the heart is also the last to fade at death. Chilling, isn’t it?

Then from the drum we transfer everything to the majestic piano!

This is what you will learn in my Primary Level, Book 1

Lesson 1 Right and Left: come sing and dance with us. Raise your hands, shake your feet and hips. Drum with us. Let’s try this on the piano.    

Lesson 2 Fast and Slow: come to a horse-race with us to watch the beautiful horses run fast and walk slow.

Come on a walk in the park with us, and also do some running.

Let’s see how fast and how slow you can drum and play the piano.

Lesson 3 Loud and Soft: let’s go to Africa and watch the lion roar loudly. Hear my cat meow softly.

Play an African drum loud and soft. Play the piano loud and soft.

Lesson 4 LowMiddleHigh: let’s play the parachute game and sing the song.

Sing high, middle and low with your voice and find low, middle and high keys on the piano.

Lesson 5 Finger-numbers: come to a Winter – Wonderland with us and build a snowman, while wiggling your fingers to keep them warm and at the same time learning your finger-numbers. Tap your fingers on the drum and play them on the piano.

Lesson 6 Putting It All Together: Review and practice what you have learned thus far.

Lesson 7 Two Black Keys and Keyboard Geography: apply everything you have learned to the Groups of 2 Black Keys.

Lesson 8 All The C’s: more Keyboard Geography. Become a detective and find all the C’s on the piano. Play them High, play them Low, play them in the Middle, play them Loud, play them Soft, play them Fast, play them Slow. Try to play them with different fingers.

Lesson 9 Lesson 9 All the C D E’s: put on your pirate hats and lets go to my secret island to find musical treasures and locate the missing letters.

Lesson 10 Lesson 10 Play your first piece called “My First Song.”


After learning these basic musical concepts, you will be ready to move on to learning many different songs and pieces in Book 2 and 3. Some of them are favorite traditional songs, and some of them I have composed myself, and of course in Book 2 and 3 you will get a whole supplementary collection of Classical Music, Christmas Songs, Jazz, Blues and Pop, Hymns and Duets.

I also included lots of interesting information and research, inspiration and some funny jokes for everyone to enjoy, because after all, a Happy Heart is Good Medicine.

This series is designed to inspire and excite the student about playing the piano, and thus he will have great success in his progress.

Christina receiving her award at the International Music Festival in Pyeongchang, South Korea

Best Wishes for the plentiful rewards music will bring to you and your family’s life.

If you like to get started with some Piano Lessons or just learn some songs, you can find it HERE

Music Transforms You,


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