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My daughter Christina, who was born with Down syndrome, inspired me to create this piano method.

It is a step by step system that I have developed, and I made it so easy that even a student with a cognitive delay or challenge can use it.

My Easy Step by Step Piano Method consists of two main components: The Easy Step by Step Piano Program and the Easy Step by Step Solo Pieces. The solos complement and supplement the piano program; however, each can be done independently.

Designed For Your Success: We are striving to master every little step. We will learn to Feel and Think musically and put one building block on top of the other.

This series is designed to inspire and excite the student about playing the piano, and thus he will have great success in his progress.

I am using this method with my daughter Christina and with all my students, both typical and those with special needs, successfully. This proves that anyone can use my piano method and be successful at learning to play the piano.

Best Wishes for the plentiful rewards music will bring to you and your family’s life.

Music Transforms You,

I am a piano star!

Piano Program

The Easy Step by Step Piano Program is the cornerstone of my Piano Method, featuring the Primary Level, Book 1, an introduction to the very basic elements of music and piano study.

This level consists of 10 lessons that are built on each other.

In every lesson I present a new concept which is practiced through several different exercises, consisting of carefully selected songs, piano technique, theory, rhythm and ear training.

Each exercise is demonstrated in an entertaining video tutorial that shows in detail exactly what to do.

The theory, rhythm and ear training worksheets correlate with the exercises on the piano.

The Primary Level, Book 1 presents the very basic elements of music and piano study, which will allow the student to experience and practice what his/her body has to do in order to make the piano respond in a certain way.

These concepts and exercises merely prepare the student for actual piano playing and music making. Thus Book 1 of the Primary Level does not bombard the student with lots of traditional piano technique and learning the traditional notation system, but through my holistic approach and unique method the student becomes comfortable around the piano, forming a friendship with this magnificent instrument, which s/he will come to love and respect.

Playing the piano doesn’t have to be hard, but can be learned one easy step at a time in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere. I encourage the student to form a “partnership” with the instrument, and fall in love with playing the piano.

At the End of the Primary Level, Book 1, the student will be introduced to my unique Letter Notation System written on my Special Music Staff, which will enable him/her to play the first couple of songs, without knowing traditional notation and traditional note-value counting.

A Word of Wisdom:

It goes without saying, that whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult, if you have never played the piano before or have little experience on the instrument, you have to start where everyone else had to start: At The Beginning!

There are no shortcuts or crash courses if you truly want to master playing the piano. Sure, there are cute children’s series and fast-paced adult courses on the market, but I want to offer you a well-balanced alternative that can be used easily, understood and accomplished by anyone of any age.

You will find that I have included inspirational, humorous, and practical thoughts along the way to keep you afloat. Each lesson is designed to move the student forward in small steps, and each lesson builds on the previous one to assure consistent progress. There are no rules carved in stone; you are allowed to be flexible. The student can take as much or as little time as he likes and repeat each lesson numerous times until he conquers the concept and feels comfortable enough to move on to the next lesson.


Solo Pieces

The next component of my Piano Method, the Easy Step by Step Solo Pieces, is a whole supplementary library of songs and pieces from the genres of Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop, Classical Music, Love Songs and Lullabies, Christmas Songs, Hymns and Duets, all arranged in my unique Primary Level, Letter Notation System.

My Special Staff and Special Letter Notation System came to me as an INSPIRATION!

It is a way for someone with no musical background to instantly be able to play their favorite tunes without having to first struggle for years with learning the traditional note-reading system and the traditional noteduration system.

In other words you don’t have to stare at your favorite music and ask:

1) What Is The Name Of That Note?  2) Where Is It Located On The Piano?  3) How Long Do I Hold That Note?

Those 3 things will take years of disciplined music study and years of piano lessons to learn, because learning traditional musical notation is like learning a new language.

With Easy Step-by-Step Piano Method Solo Pieces, there’s no end to making beautiful music.

But with my very Special System, that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world, because I have invented it, I take a very different approach.

I have a quick and painless way of teaching the letternames of the keys on the piano. Then I take these letters, put them in my Special Staff, tell you exactly what finger plays each key, and then I have a super simple system that tells you the beats or duration of each key.

In other words “WHAT, WHERE and HOW LONG” can be identified instantaneously and will be crazy easy!

Play your favorite song INSTANTLY!!! No years and years of musical study required!

Some of the songs I composed myself, and some of them are my arrangements of favorite songs and pieces. Some of the easier songs and pieces are in their original form by the original composer. All of these songs and solo pieces complement and supplement the Easy Step by Step Piano Program.


Private Piano Lessons

Private piano coaching with Daniela Clapp in my studio or by Skype.

As a sought-after and successful piano-instructor, I am known for helping my students to be successful in their musical endeavors, as well as helping them create success in any area of their life by instilling the following skills through piano-study: discipline, dedication, self-confidence, increased concentration, better thinking skills, improved motor and coordination skills, higher brain-function, and better social skills.

Just watch this video of some of our piano students playing in a recital, and you will witness the level of success they achieved in our piano studio. If you want to play at a high level like that, or just learn to play your favorite tunes, you have come to the right place. I can help you reach your full potential not only in piano, but in all areas of your life through the magical power of music. Send me your name and email, and I will personally contact you within 48 hours to schedule a complimentary session, where we can discuss if my studio is a good fit for you.

My piano coaching is also available to those with special needs and cognitive challenges. My mission is to give that population of our community new hope and a bright future.

I have a little girl with Down syndrome and know all too well the fears, challenges and obstacles of raising a special needs child. I have searched high and low for answers and ways to help my child, how to advocate for her, and how to make the best out of my given situation. I know what it is like to feel frustrated, misunderstood, rejected and discriminated against by the typical society. I know how it is when you are not able to understand and relate to your child’s different world he or she lives in.

If you are anything like me, and have the burning desire to help your child, then I have refreshing news for you!

When Words Fail, Music Speaks. Rhythm Creates Order Out Of Chaos. Plato

In my private one on one piano coaching sessions I will show you how to help your child, whether they are a typical child or a child with a Special Need.

I will help you create a deeper connection with him or her, and together we can help your child gain immense self-confidence, which will spill over into all other areas of life and bring harmony and peace to the entire family and a more promising future for that special child you love so much.

To find out if you are eligible, and a good fit for my Private Piano Coaching, please contact me and schedule an appointment for a complimentary session. During that time we will get to know each other a little better, I will answer any questions you may have and determine if you are a good fit for my piano studio.

Spaces are very limited, so schedule your appointment NOW.


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