My Webinar On Music With the NDSS – REPLAY

Hello my dear Readers and Fans!

I feel deep gratitude that I was invited to participate in the National Down syndrome Society weekly webinar series.

I was speaking about the power of active music making and how my Holistic Piano Method is different from traditional piano methods, and how it can easily be utilized by anyone and even by those with no music background.

The National Down syndrome Society posted my webinar on their national YouTube channel. So if you missed it or like to review it again, you can watch it HERE:

If you like this webinar, I can assure you, that it would be so much better and fun to do this live. I have done many live presentations, and if you are interested in having me as your presenter for your group, you can email me at: info @danielaclapp.com

Thank you so much for watching. Hope the information on Empowering Individuals with Special Needs Through Music and How my Holistic Piano Method is different from traditional piano methods.

Music Transforms You

Daniela Clapp


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