How To Spend Quality Time With Your Child

An old woman once told me: “The Days are Long, but the Years are Short.” Older parents would say to me, “Cherish every moment with your kids, because in the blink of an eye they’ll be grown and gone.” Or, “I remember those days when my kids were young, I miss them.”
I could never understand those comments, because so often the days were long and hard, and I could not cherish the moments, because so many times they were filled with pain, fear and loneliness. A trip to the store would become such a disaster, to where I wanted to offer popcorn to the bystanders who were watching our “show.” When I wanted to put the kids to bed by 3pm, because I had been up 5 times the night before and had depleted every bit of energy.
The words of that old woman are still ringing in my ears “The Days are Long, but the Years are Short.” The days still are trickling by, but time seems to be speeding up. My son Daniel started College this year, he wants to become a film-director. My daughter Natasha is in her last year of High School, my youngest daughter Maria is in 5th grade this year, and it surprises me how far Christina has come and the level of maturity she has reached. I still can’t believe that she actually played Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with an orchestra, that she is able to ride a horse all by herself, and climbed a tree so high, that I had to call the fire-department to get her back down.
So I want to start this new school-year grateful for every special moment, with a refreshed awareness for the little miracles in life. I know the days can be long when raising a special needs child, but instead of looking for ways to spend time away from such a child, I think we need to look for ways to spend meaningful time together. Making music together is the most effective and most beautiful way to spend high quality time together. I know it can feel intimidating when you don’t have any musical background yourself, but I have developed a Holistic Piano Method For Individuals With Special Needs, that is so simple to use and is so step by step, that anyone can learn and use it.
If you are interested in learning about my piano method, then email me at:
info@danielaclapp.com and put “Holistic Piano Method” in the subject line.
The Days are Long, but the Years are Short, don’t let them slip through your fingers. Do something right now and act NOW!
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
info@danielaclapp.com  and put Holistic Piano Method in the subject line.

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