How To Buy a Good Piano?

Investing in a piano for you and your family will create a lifetime of enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.

Playing the piano puts you in touch with the Great Masters like Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, just to name a few, and it is the ideal solo instrument. The piano traces its ancestors back to the earliest stringed instruments, and the “pianoforte” was developed in Italy in the 18th century, and ever since is in every home where music is played.

You and your family are about to embark on an exciting musical journey, and purchasing a quality instrument demonstrates that you are placing a high value on music education and the benefits that come with it.

Remember: the newest student needs a piano that sounds and plays best. If you get an old clunker from someone’s basement, don’t be surprised if your child or the beginning student gives up trying to make music on it. So don’t try to economize on a piano for a child or beginner that is starting lessons, because playing on a high quality instrument is the best way to keep a beginning pianist interested. Besides, pianos don’t depreciate or lose their value like a car or most furniture, and you will be listening to and looking at it for a long time. You will probably still have your piano long after you have sold your present car, house and furniture.

How do you go about deciding which piano is best for you?

There are two basic kinds of pianos: grand pianos and vertical pianos.
Vertical pianos can generally be divided into studio uprights, consoles, and spinets.

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The rule of thumb generally applies: the larger the piano, the better the tone.

What size and style of piano are you looking for? The easiest way to find a suitable, good piano is to go to a reputable music store and play their pianos. If you are still a beginner, ask a friend who is more advanced to come with you or ask the salesperson to play all the pianos that interest you. Listen closely so you can hear the “soul” of each instrument.

Music stores are almost always more expensive than buying from a private person. When you buy privately you will not get a warranty and won’t be able to take it back. So it’s best to take your technician with you to check out the piano.

I recommend that to get and read Larry Fine’s “The Piano Book” (Google it). This is an excellent reference book that has details on all of the brands and ratings collected from many technicians. It also has pointers on how to purchase new and used piano, in painstaking detail.

Visit www.ptg.org Here you will find lots of helpful hints on caring for your piano. It also contains a listing of Registered Piano Technicians (RPT) in the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG).

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Whether you have a new or used piano or just a keyboard, it’s time to find an easy step by step piano program that can teach you how to start playing your favorite tunes. And I just happen to have this simple piano program for you.

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