Help! I am Surrounded By Super-Women!


I am at the grocery store, the line is long, and so I take one of those magazines and flip through the pages. Wow, there are these Super-Women who bake with their kids, with a smile on their face, while maintaining perfect hair, perfect make-up and clean clothes. How do they do this? When we are baking in the kitchen, I feel irritated, my hair is definitely not perfect and my clothes feel sweaty and dirty.

OK, I missed the train on that one!

I have tried crafts and painting, but it is the Olympic Sport of chaos at my house. It is extremely stressful and messy, rather than enjoyable and relaxing. But these Super-Women seem to be able to make these cute little creations with their kids and still have time for everything else.

OK, I missed the train on that one.

I am online, and I see more Super-Women. They manage to have all their laundry done at all times, their house is spic and span clean, the dishes are done and a super amazing dinner is on the table. Wow, and all that while keeping their hair, nails, and make-up so perfect.

OK, I missed that train.

These Super-Women are always so put together with their perfect everything, and their kids are dressed just as fashionable and so clean! How do they do it? I have no idea!

I definitely missed the train on that one.

But here is what I have NOT missed:

1) I have NOT missed turning on some dance music in the living room and dancing and spinning to it and laughing until we were too exhausted to stand up.

2) I have not missed going on walks and collecting rocks and pine-cones and using those for home-decor, instead of some synthetic store-bought stuff.

3) I have NOT missed reading cool books to them and with them and talking about the story.

4) I have NOT missed going to Germany with them, visiting family, and sharing their heritage with them. Telling them stories about my past and upbringing.

5) I have NOT missed taking lots of pictures and looking through them often, especially on their birthdays, when we look through their baby-pictures and all the cute things they made over the years, which I saved for them.

6) I have NOT missed their first words, their first steps, the times when they were sick and needed me most. I have NOT missed the tears and fears. I have NOT missed when they told me about their hopes and dreams.

7) I have NOT missed their piano-lessons, their violin-lessons, their concerts, their recitals, their rehearsals. Week after week, month after month, year after year.

I have missed so many trains and I am not a Super-Woman, but I have Super-Kids, who are secure, feel safe, are polite, considerate, giving and grateful. Kids who play piano and violin instead of Game-Boy. Kids who play concerts and bring joy to others instead of “playing their cards” against others.

Somehow and somewhere I must have taken one train that was going into the right direction.

In the attached video you can see some of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony kids, who are part of this Fiddling Group. My little Maria is not only an amazing pianist, but also an amazing violinist and fiddler, and she is playing this very difficult solo.


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