Happy World Down syndrome Day

When Christina was born, and the doctor told me that she has Down syndrome, my world fell off it’s axis, and I felt like I had been swallowed up by darkness with no exit.

Fear and sadness took over, and all I could do was cry. I cried for 5 years, and every day grief knocked on my door.

I wanted Christina to be “normal.” But what is “normal” and where are we getting our standards from? Hollywood? The media? Family, friends, teachers?

I wanted to change Christina because of my own ignorance, because of my belief that only intelligent and beautiful people are deserving of love and acceptance. I thought that her defect was some kind of cosmic mistake or a sign of a sinful world…..how stupid I was! The only sin here is, how we respond to someone who is different from us and how we treat them.

The years went by and finally I had to admit my helplessness, and I had to stop fighting with God. I had to accept that I could not change Christina’s molecular structure and extract that extra chromosome from every cell of her body.

But instead I had to change ME!!! I learned that life does not receive value according to what we can produce or what academic degree we have or how beautiful we are, but how much LOVE and COMPASSION we can give, and how much grace we can extend to those who are different from us.

God places people like Christina among us to teach us what LIFE and and true LOVE are all about. Life is not about winning the race, but about helping others finish the race.

Before Christina came into my life, I was arrogant, proud and had no tolerance. But she opened my eyes to the vulnerable and to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage!

Christina fuels me with passion to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, to fight for them and be their voice.

Because of her, I have changed and hope to make a difference in this cruel world.

Christina helped me face my own brokenness and she helped me see what is truly BEAUTIFUL.

Sometimes God wraps our blessings in disguise!

With Love


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Happy World Down syndrome Day!


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