God I am Drowning, Throw Me a Piano

The evening arrived, and Jesus and his disciples got into a boat to cross the sea of Galilee. Jesus went to sleep in the back of the boat, when suddenly a big storm arrived. The waves filled the boat with water and the wind was violently shaking it from side to side. The disciples got so scared and tried to wake up Jesus. They cried:” Teacher, don’t you care that we are drowning?”
When I was told by my doctor that Christina had Down syndrome, I felt as if I was drowning. My surroundings were murky, my eyes blinded by tears, and I could almost feel my lungs filling up with water. Everything looked distorted and dark. I thought I would just sink forever and never come to the surface. My head filled with questions and my heart was heavy. I was scared of the life that lied ahead and scared that Down syndrome had stolen my daughter away from me.
I think back to that bible story in Mark 4: a raging storm comes, the disciples work so hard to keep that boat afloat, just like I was trying to keep myself and my life afloat. I asked:” God, don’t you care, I am in the middle of a violent storm, I am drowning. What are you going to do about it?”
The disciples were so exhausted, trying to fight this storm without God, just like we can get exhausted when we fight our battles without Him. God can calm our storm in an instant, if we just trust his guidance.
So God “threw” me an awesome lifesaver, he reminded me of the healing power of my piano-playing and told me to hang on to my music. Magically it worked. Since Christina’s birth I have exposed her to lots of classical music. Rocking her in my arms and listening together to music or playing her a lullaby on the piano, always got me back to the surface and calmed my shaken world and the storm in my life. Learning how to play the piano and teaching it to your child can do the same for you, and it’s so easy. I have developed a step by step program that makes it easy and so much fun.
So get a piano and start to learn to play, it will help you, I promise. Teach piano to your child, I can show you how, even if you don’t know anything about music. My system is so easy to follow and so fun, anyone can do it. Teaching yourself and your child the piano is the best medicine you can apply to your soul, and the best advocacy you can do for your child.
Contact me, and I will set up a complimentary session with you, where we can make a plan for bringing music and playing the piano into your life in a way that accommodates your family-dynamices. We will talk about goals and dreams and how together we can accomplish those goals and dreams and how to best advocate for your child.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Music Transforms You.

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