Exciting News and Have You Tuned Your Piano Lately?

I can barely wait to tell you some exciting news:

Christina will be playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with the Phoenix Youth Symphony this coming Thursday. This means she will be playing in a professional classical concert with her peers, and she will be included in this marvelous event. I couldn’t ask for anything more, and I am saying this with tears in my eyes. How awesome is that!!!

This educational concert is sponsored by the Arizona Musicfest.
Arizona Musicfest enriches the quality of life through the presentation of world-class performances and outstanding music programs for youth.
Equally impressive, Arizona Musicfest is committed to broadening our musical footprint through extensive programs which enrich our area’s music education offerings, inspire our youth, and provide valuable and lasting investment in our community. Each year, 6,000 school children experience classical music exposure through Musicfest Minutes, a daily curriculum-based music lesson in area classrooms.
And here comes the other exciting news: channel 12 TV will be there to interview Christina and film her concert with the Phoenix Youth Symphony and air it for ALL to see, that kids with special needs are ableto be part of something as exclusive and complicated as a classical concert.
Oh and wait, that’s not all, here comes more exciting stuff: the Arizona Republic is interested in writing a story about this. A reporter is coming to my home tomorrow, to interview Christina and me. Plus they want to take a video of her playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on our piano here at home and put it on their online channel.
Can you believe this!!!??? This is soooo awesome and such great advocacy for our special children.
Now to our Feature Article:
Have You Tuned Your Piano Lately?   Piano for children with Daniela Clapp

I grinch when students tell me that they haven’t tuned their piano in years, and then claim that it still sounds pretty good. Pretty good? Well, maybe to a deaf person!

Have you noticed how violinists tune their instruments not only before a concert, but several times in between a concert?! And they have only four strings to worry about. The piano has 235 strings that are getting whacked by hammers when you play it. So yes, your piano needs to be tuned twice a year ideally.
Also changes in the weather and humidity cause the wood in your piano to swell and shrink, which means that this makes the string-length stretch and shrink, driving the piano out of tune.
Yes, your piano needs to be tuned regularly!
P.S. Wanted to remind you all again, that the National Down syndrome Society has uploaded my webinar about “Empowering Individuals With Special Needs Through Music” on their YouTubechannel.
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