Does This Ever Happen To You?

I was invited to a concert at the last minute this weekend, but had a thousand other things to do. To justify going to this concert, I thought to myself: the work will still be there when I come home, but this opportunity to hear this artist and spending this particular evening with a friend and my youngest daughter will never come again. So I decided to go, and I really had a good time.
The next morning I looked at all the things I was going to get done the evening before: start preparing for this upcoming webinar for the National Down syndrome Society, write another song for my piano method, prepare the next video-clip for the DVD of my piano system, outline upcoming music-workshops and even prepare my tax-stuff for my accountant….wow, a never-ending list!!!!! Then I panicked and worried where the time would come from to get all this done!?!

Suddenly I realized, that my worry was centered around time. Where would I find the time to prepare for my upcoming presentations and workshops? Where would I find the time to home-school my kids? Where would the time come from to write the songs for my piano method and prepare for the video-clips? And all this chaos on a Sunday, a day we are supposed to rest and celebrate our accomplishments, just like God rested on that day after creating everything.

Then I heard this verse as a song:”Be still and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10

I had to be willing to surrender and just let go of my anxiousness and worries, and allow God to be the God of my life.
The God of time. The timeless one, who entered into time. The one who promised to care for you and me. The one who even offers time back to us in the form of a day of rest, a reminder that time is not our dictator but our servant.

We managed to go to church, cook a wonderful lunch, finish the laundry, go to the park, prepare for a video-clip and sang some songs together.

When life gets crazy busy, just remember: God is the God of time.


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