Bringing My Piano Program to Homeward Bound


I am excited to share with you, that I was invited to teach my Piano Program at “Homeward Bound”

Homeward Bound is a place of New Beginnings. They help mothers and their children overcome homelessness, break multi-generational cycles of welfare, domestic violence.    Easy Piano

Their vision is creating a community where families have a second chance, a new tomorrow.
This can only be accomplished in a safe and stable environment, which the staff of Homeward Bound is providing.

They provide many services to the mothers and children. One of them is my Easy Step by Step Piano Program.
A generous donor has provided for me to come there for 10 weeks and bring the joy and benefits of active Music Making to these children that have been through so much and have seen things that no child should have to see.

My daughter Christina, who has Down syndrome and my daughter Maria will be coming with me to these music sessions, which is very exciting for them. They are excited to help those in need and bring our music to them, so they, too, can have the chance to reap the benefits of active Music Making.


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