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My Easy Step-by-Step Piano Method will truly transform your life. I developed this special method of piano playing for my daughter Christina, who was born with Down syndrome, and now I am sharing it with you.

The traditional world of piano lessons has left us with many gaps, questions and frustrations; to the point where even many typical students eventually give up, and where there is definitely no room for the child with special needs. I had to think of another way, and Christina inspired me to develop my own Step-by-Step Piano Method that is so easy to use that even a student with cognitive challenges or physical limitations can follow along and be successful at playing the piano.

My Easy Step-by-Step Piano Method consists of two main components:

The Easy Step-by-Step Piano Program

This is the cornerstone of my Piano Method, featuring two levels: the Primary Level and the Beginner Level. For more information about my Easy Step-by-Step Piano Program, click here.

Solo Pieces

This supplementary collection of over 200 famous songs includes genres like pop, jazz, rock, blues, Christmas songs, classical music, hymns, duets, lullabies and love songs. Each song is arranged and notated in three different ready and difficulty levels, starting with the Easy Letter Notation in my Primary Level, followed by the Beginner Pre-Reading Level and the then the Beginner Reading Level.

My Easy Step-by-Step Piano Method is a new and holistic approach to piano learning that is designed to inspire and excite the student about playing the piano, and thus he will have great success in his progress.

You are only a moment away from enjoying one of the best and most comprehensive learn-to-play piano methods on the market! Try my Easy Step-by-Step Piano Method today and see for yourself how you can make a significant difference and add tremendous value to someone’s life — and your own.

For more information about the Solo Pieces, click here.

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