What Is Your Excuse?

My piano student with Autism learned over 12 songs in less than 6 months, despite his diagnosis, and to make matters worse, he didn’t  even own a piano….now what is your excuse???

Today I want to introduce you to my amazing piano student, Alfonzo.

Alfonzo is a young teenage boy, who came to my piano studio only a few months ago. He didn’t own a piano, and yet he always managed to be prepared for his lessons. I encouraged him to practice his exercises and little pieces on his kitchen table, so he did.

I encouraged him to practice other concepts, like dynamics, rhythm and tempos, by using pots and pans, and so he did.

We strengthened his “brain to hand coordination” by doing focused finger exercises. We worked on Right and Left and crossing the midline.

Alfonzo and I have lots of fun during his lessons. We laugh a lot, but we also work a lot. He has a great attitude and works hard…I mean really hard. You see, Alfonzo has Autism….

Despite this obstacle, Alfonzo is achieving great things. He has learned more than 12 songs in less than 6 months and all that without a piano in his home. He retains everything I teach him and is a super nice boy to work with.

Please watch and enjoy this short video of Alfonzo playing 2 of his favorite pieces: Twinkle Little Star and Yankee Doodle.

He learned all this in less than 6 months, despite his diagnosis of Autism and despite not owning a piano.

What Is Your Excuse?

Music Transforms You



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