Cool Video of Pyeongchang International Music Festival.

The Pyeongchang International Music Festival was an unforgettable event. We met so many amazing and talented people from ALL over the world.

We had the privilege of meeting the founder, Na Kyung-Won, whose daughter was born with Down syndrome. Na Kyung-Won’s credentials are quite impressive: not only is she Former Justice of the Seoul Administrative Court, but she is chairperson of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee, just to mention a few.

It took so many people to make this happen: from the President of the resort, to his chefs, from the airlines to the tour-buses, from restaurants to theaters and museums, from politicians and dignitaries to the United Nations, from professional staff to volunteer teenage translators, from professional instructors to the participants.

Wow, I feel like I am still dreaming. I can’t believe that we had the great honor and privilege to participate in an event of this magnitude, and my little Christina representing the United States in this International Music Festival, playing the piano.

Here is an initial, really cool video I put together for all of you, so you can get a glimpse of what happened during this fantastic week:

Enjoy the video!


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