Today You Made My Dreams Come True

Today You Made My Dreams Come True.

A Letter to My Daughter Who Was Born with Down syndrome.

I loved you and prayed for you before you were born, but when you entered the world with Down syndrome, all my dreams for you were shattered.

My dear child, see the waters of the oceans that roll upon the shores? Those are the many tears I cried for you.

But what a profound gift from God you turned out to be:

I saw only darkness, but you showed me the light.

I saw only sorrow, but you showed me hope.

I saw only limits, but you showed me what’s possible.

I saw only doubt, but you made me believe.

I was afraid that the world would hate you, but you showed me God’s love.

I saw only obstacles, but today you played Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on piano with a full orchestra, and your courage and smiling, happy and beaming face brought, hope, wonder, awe, inspiration and tears of joy to thousands of hurting people.

You are an angel, a hero sent by the heavens, not because of your accomplishments, but because of your courage and bravery.

Today you made my dreams come true.

To listen to Christina playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, click video below


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