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Please register for my upcoming webinar with the National Down syndrome Society. It is on Thursday, the 20th of February at 1:00 pm EST, 12:00 noon CST, 11:00 am MST and 10:00 am PST.
Be sure not to miss this important webinar about “Empowering Individuals with Special Needs Through Music.” I will demonstrate how you can apply the power of music to be your child’s greatest advocate and teacher, even if you have no musical background. Please share this with anyone who has a special needs child. They can greatly benefit from the information I am about to present.
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It is almost Valentine’s Day, the day of sugar and chocolate. What better occasion to continue my series of some health-advice.
It seems that the  most unhealthy looking people eat refined sugar, white flour and drink sodas, which destroy the teeth and complexion, add unwanted weight and make the skin dry and pasty-white in color.  
Sodas contain not only caffein, but sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, which are unfit for human consumption. More than a million children are afflicted with cerebral lesions, an injury to the brain that causes sudden discharge of excessive nervous energy, caused by Soft Drinks.
Soda is not really a food or drink at all, but a collection of acidic chemicals. One glass of soda is so acidic, it requires 38 glasses of water to neutralize it and normalize the pH. And we all know, disease loves acid!
Sodas contain Glycol, an antifreeze for automobiles. They also contain artificial sweeteners which are linked to convulsions, depression, cancer, irritability, weakness, migraine-headaches, and mental illnesses. Oh my, do you truly want this in your life?
Processed sugar is one of the most dangerous substances. Any word that ends in “ose” or “rose” is probably sugar. When consumed with starch, it ferments and becomes very toxic.
Sugar is addictive like a drug, it has zero nutritional value, and it robs the body of nutrients, particularly from the teeth and bones. Did you know that just one candy-bar contains the same amount of sugar that would be found in 3 pounds of apples? Could you eat 3 pounds of apples in one sitting? No? Well, that’s because nature has a clever protective mechanism that saves us from our silly selves.
Sugar in its natural form, which is Glucose, is an essential nutrient. The central nervous system of the body needs glucose to function properly, and the best source can be found in raw fruits and vegetables.  
Valentine’s Day is the occasion to show LOVE. Show your family how much you love them by introducing raw sweet fruits to them and make an effort to educate yourself and your family on this important subject.
Love you all,



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