Politician says: Kill Disabled Children

Politician Colin Brewer says: “Kill Disabled Children Like We Kill Deformed Lambs.”

A councillor who compared disabled children with deformed lambs that are dealt with at birth by “smashing them against a wall” is being investigated by police over his comments, it emerged.

Colin Brewer also claimed in an interview there were good arguments for killing some disabled babies with high support needs because of the cost of providing them with services. Speaking to Disability News Service (DNS), he said: “If (farmers) have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. They get rid of it. Bang! If you go to a farmer’s funeral there is not a lot of weeping because they are used to life and death. It is something they deal with on a daily basis.”

Here is one mom’s response to Mr Brewer in her open letter to him: Click HERE to read the letter or go to: http://networkedblogs.com/LmIb2


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