Playing The Piano Is Like Growing a Beautiful Flower

Playing the piano gives a sense of personal fulfillment and boosts self esteem. Developing the skill of piano playing is like the growth of a beautiful flower. You plant the seed and nourish it continuously by giving it the right conditions. When a child or an adult begins studying the piano, certain conditions must be met: encouragement, a good teacher, daily practice, and a calm, quiet environment.

It’s a lot of work to keep the seed nourished, and it is a little bit like watching grass grow. At first it is not very rewarding when you don’t see anything growing on the surface, and it is difficult to be patient. It takes an adult with vision to help the child continue on. If you are an adult and a beginner at the piano, it still takes vision, patience and belief that you will eventually achieve your goals. You can do it! The oak-tree was once a small seed and took years to grow big and strong, but it’s worth the wait.

After some time, the seed sprouts, leaves and flowers will grow, and the roots will develop and nourish the plant. The roots in piano-playing are the technical achievements in motor control, development of physical strength, and note reading. They are the underlying sources of nourishment, whereby the piano playing gains its quality, and give the student a greater sense of self esteem and accomplishment.


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Daniela Clapp


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