Music, The Invisible Healer

Music is an invisible force that has the power to heal us!

If we could see music and the sound of nature, our world would be shimmering with beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns.

Making sound visible is now possible through a CymaScope. It allows us to “see” the music we play, and thus gives us a deeper understanding of life itself and the universe we live in.

Did you know that every cell in your body has its own unique song and sings to its neighbor cells? Yes, there is a Symphony going on in our body and the conductor is God himself. This proves the magical divine power of music, because it can create form out of nothingness and order out of chaos.

When you play the piano, everything around you organizes itself into these beautiful shapes and patterns, which means you are “bathed” in  shimmering, kaleidoscope-like beauty.

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Everything that is beautiful has order to it. Just look at nature: the flowers, the constellation of the stars and planets. Even the smallest cell of your body is finely tuned and structured.

But all too often we encounter challenging situations that bring chaos to our lives, and our cells start singing out of tune. Just think of how much more difficult it is for a child or worse, yet, a child with a special need, to deal with  a chaotic and out of tune world and making sense of it all. But there is hope and help to restore harmony and health: music and rhythm create order out of chaos. If piano music can create such beautiful shapes and patterns in the space around you, just think of what it can do for your child’s health, life, inner peace, success and happiness?

So when we get our children involved in active music-making, their out of tune cells will find nourishment and healing, and start singing in tune with the orchestra again, and thus we are assuring an inner beauty and peace for them, which no other modality can bring or guarantee.
From such a place of inner peace and beauty automatically flows:

  1. Health
  2. Higher Self-Esteem     
  3. Better Social Skills
  4. Improved Brain Function 
  5. Better Thinking Skills
  6. Improved Coordination and Motor Control
  7. Enhanced Verbal and Language Skills
  8. Increased Concentration

Isn’t that what we ultimately want for our loved ones and for ourselves?

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