Music, Mama and Me

Tomorrow early in the morning, I will be on an airplane to go back to my home in Germany. But this time it will not be for an exciting vacation. My mood is somewhat glum and the “travel-fever” is not as exciting as it used to be before my trips back to Europe.
Instead of being greeted by my dad’s warm and welcoming smile, I will be standing in front of his cold grave and probably cry my eyes out. Instead of enjoying my Mama’s homemade cakes and cooking, I will have to cook for her. As a matter of fact, this time I am there to do everything for her, from helping her get out of bed, dressing and washing her, to cleaning her house, shopping, and taking her to bed at night.
You see, my mom had a stroke and is now paralyzed on half her body and cannot do anything for herself anymore. But I am happy that I can go and help her for a while and give my brothers and sisters a break from doing all this work.
I am bringing Christina and my youngest daugher Maria with me. They are excited, but know that they have to help grandma a lot. It should be interesting with Christina there, because she is so full of energy, she makes a rocket-ship look slow and lame. My mom will get more entertainment and excitement than she had bargained for.
Here are the exciting news: my mom is determined that she will walk again, and guess what??? Through music and sound that might just happen for her. I will be applying my piano method on her, which works especially well for cognitive and neurological disorders. Plus a dear friend has loaned me her Cyma-therapy-machine which was developed by a doctor in England. Cymatherapy is a form of vibrational medicine. The key principal is that the human body is composed of many vibrational energy fields. These fields communicate with each other in a way that helps regulate healthy structure and function at the molecular level.
When injury or disease occur within the body, affected structures such as cells, tissues, and organs can become damaged and lose their structural integrity. But when exposed to sound and its structuring interactions , there is a potential to gently encourage the reorganization of these damaged structures, leading to a healing process and recovery.
Cymotherapy uses specialized sound and magnetic energy frequencies designed to interact with the body’s many energy fields to encourage therapeutic structuring and regulation. It’s like retuning a piano.
See all the magic that music and sound can do?!?!
A stroke is a sudden brain injury caused by a blockage or rupture to one of the brain’s arteries. This results in starving of the surrounding brain cells, leading to temporary or permanent nerve damage, which leads to sensory and physical impairment. Then Cymatherapy is applied to assist with the rehabilitation of paralyzed limbs, facial drooping, muscle weakness and depressive symptoms. I am excited to see all the positive results my mom will have because of music!
I will keep you updated on my mom’s progress. By the way, I am also using this Cyma-machine for Christina’s Thyroid issues, her ADHD tendencies and her mental challenges caused by her Down syndrome.
Also, my mom does not have internet-connection, so I will be out of touch for a while, but will drop a note if I’ll get a chance.
I will also be meeting with my cousin, Peter is his name, who lives nearby my mom’s house. He is a professional artist. He illustrates and designes school books, music books, and creates art and logos for big companies. Peter and I will be discussing the ways and cost of designing my piano method you all are so patiently waiting for. He is excited about my piano project and wants to help, but his assistance has its limitations. If I cannot pay him what artists get paid for work such as this, which is in the upper five figures, then he can only work on this project here and there when he has a moment of free time, because like everyone else he has to support his family. I was considering looking for a publisher to take on this project, but the truth is, I am considering keeping all my rights and self publish. Which means, that I will have to come up with $30,000 – $50,000 for just the first book/DVD in my series. That is one of the reasons why it’s not available right now. Everything from my end is finished, but the problem is the design, artwork, publishing, photography, and videography….I will probably have to find a sponsor. So if you have any ideas or know someone that might be able to see my big vision I have for this piano project and be willing to sponsor this, then please write to me and let me know.
In the meantime, I can offer you my private one on one sessions, where I can teach and coach you on your journey with children with special needs. Whether you are a piano instructor, parents, therapist or caregiver, let me know if you like to work with me privately. If you live too far to coach with me in person, we can always connect through Skype. It works well, because I will not be working directly with the disabled individual, but with the parent, piano teacher or therapist. I will coach YOU as to what to do from week to week.
So drop me a note and let me know how I assist you. I will answer you as soon as I can.
To your musical success,


One of our horses in Germany


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