What Does a Mom of a Special Needs Child Have In Common With Queen Esther From the Bible?

King Ahasuerus ruled over Persia. When he wanted a wife, his servants searched the land for the most beautiful women. They brought many women to the palace so the king could choose his bride. A woman named Esther was chosen.

Esther was a Jewish orphan, whose uncle Mordecai adopted and raised her. Mordecai was a kind and God-fearing man.

Hadassah, Esther’s Jewish name, means ‘myrtle’, a tree whose leaves only release their fragrance when crushed.

Esther was good, wise and very beautiful. But she was different, she was an Israelite, a Jewish woman, and felt it was better the hide her nationality and descend, for the people of the land were not kind to Israel. At first Esther was afraid to reveal who she really was.

Haman was one of the advisors of the king, as a matter of fact, he was the Prime Minster of Persia, and wanted everyone to bow down to him, But Mordecai refused to bow down to him. Haman was very angry about this, and hated Mordecai so much, that he tricked the King into authorizing a royal decree to kill the Jews.

Mordecai pleaded with Esther: “Save God’s people! Maybe that is why God made you the queen for such a time like this.” Esther knew this law meant that she too must die. “I will do all I can to change this,” she said to Mordecai. ” Even if it means that I am killed. Please ask my people to pray for me.“

Esther needed to tell her husband, King Ahasuerus, about Haman’s evil plot against her own people, but there was one problem with this: to approach the king without being first commanded by him, was breaking the law, and she would be punished by immediate death. At enormous personal risk, Esther “broke this law” and went into the throne room of Ahasuerus. The king seemed delighted to see his wife, and asked what she wanted. Esther invited him and Haman to a banquet she had prepared for them, and Ahasuerus was delighted. During dinner the King asked Esther: “What can I give you my dear Queen?” “Dear King,” said Esther, “if you are pleased with me, I beg you to spare my life. And also spare the lives of my people. We were to be sold as slaves and put to death.“ “Who dares to do this?” demanded the king. “It is this cruel Haman,” said Esther, pointing to her enemy. The king ordered Haman to be hung that very same day. Esther and her people were safe!

For such a time as this, Esther became Queen of Persia, to advocate for her people and to save them from death.

What does this story have to do with us, mothers of special needs children? How is this story relevant in our modern world today?

If you are a mother of a special needs child, you are the most beautiful woman in the land, and you were chosen by the King of Kings himself for His special purpose.

You, the mother of a special child, are like the myrtle tree, because you have been crushed by the news that your child has a permanent disability, then society tries to crush you with ignorance. But that is when your sweet fragrance is released, your beauty and strength shines most through those most difficult times.

Mothers of special kids are good and wise, but your life is forever changed, it’s different.  Maybe sometimes fear overcomes you, and you feel like hiding or like hiding your child, for the people of the cities we live in, often are not kind to those who are different. Intolerance and ignorance lead to destruction and even death.

Many political advisors, doctors and those who are pro-choice try to authorize that people with special needs should be eliminated. Whether it’s through abortion, isolation, putting them into institutions, or simply shunning them.

For such a time as this, you are chosen to be the mother of a special child, so you can advocate for that child, and for all people who have a special need. You have the strength and the power within you to fulfill that special calling. You are a beautiful, powerful queen.

But you don’t have to walk alone and do this job all by yourself. I am happy to assist you. Together we can accomplish so much more and together we are strong.

Music is powerful and transformational. Music speaks every language and breaks through every barrier. I will teach you my special piano program, and you can take this treasure and teach it to your special child and beyond.

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