Playing The Piano Is Like Growing a Beautiful Flower

Playing the piano gives a sense of personal fulfillment and boosts self esteem. Developing the skill of piano playing is like the growth of a beautiful flower. You plant the seed and nourish it continuously by giving it the right conditions. When a child or an adult begins studying the piano, certain conditions must [...]

Taking My Piano Program To London, England and Practice Tips

I have exciting news: I am flying to London, England, tomorrow, 4.October 2016, and will be teaching my Piano Program while there. I will also attend a 3 day intensive marketing seminar, which will help me spread the word to an even broader population about my wonderful Piano Program, which has already helped so many children. I have the [...]

Special Athletes teach us what WINNING is really about

A new season of Special Olympics has started. The athletes include children and adults with intellectual disabilities from all around the world. Through Special Olympics events these very special athletes find success and new friendships and can be part of a global community. And us “typical” people (whatever that means) can learn a thing or [...]

I Left My Liver In Italy and His Smile Melted My Lung

“Do you believe in LOVE at first sight or shall I walk by again?”   We have all been in love before and said “I left my heart in.....”(you fill in the blanks) and his/her smile melted my heart. Real Human Heart Have you ever seen a real heart? It’s a rather unattractive [...]

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