Bringing my Piano Program To London, United Kingdom

I can’t believe it, I am actually in London, England!

I was invited by this most lovely family to come for a while, and teach their young daughter Hannah, who was born with Down syndrome, the piano. I had no idea that my Easy Step by Step Piano Program had gained this much popularity here in England, and my name, website and info on my piano program is published in the information newsletters in several Down syndrome support groups here in the UK….wow…it’s truly going International !!!

I coupled my journey with an amazing 3 day intensive marketing seminar, where I have met so many amazing Entrepreneurs and made so many important connections. This will help me get the word out even more about my Piano Program, and therefore I can encourage, uplift and help so many more people around the world.

Enough talking, now I am going to share some lovely pictures with you, I think you will enjoy!

Flying into London, Great Britain.

Flying over London, United Kingdom

Was greeted by a player-piano and with beautiful red flowers.

A piano and red flowers from my lovely guest family greeted me at the airport.

Meeting little Hannah who has Down syndrome, for the first time. I will be teaching her and her family my Piano Program.

Teaching sweet Hannah my Piano Program

Going to the dance in my golden chariot to meet my Prince…haha

I am going to the ball in my golden chariot to meet my wonderful Prince.

Royal golden chariot.

Visiting Museum of London.

Museum of London

At the marketing seminar, where I am learning to spread the word about my piano program.

Frontline Marketer Event in London

At the Frontline Marketer Event in London

Met Bishop at Jon's event.

The funny red busses in London. A great way to travel to your piano teacher.

The funny red busses in England

Went t church Sunday evening with my guest family. A wonderful service.

Went to w wonderful church service in London.

Most popular transportation in England, the underground tube/train. A good way to get to piano lessons.

Underground train station in London

Traditional public telephone in London, so you can call your piano teacher 🙂

Traditional public telephone in England, so you can call your piano teacher.

Big Ben will tell you what time your piano lesson starts 🙂

Big Ben

Big Ben will tell you what time your piano lesson is 🙂


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