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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words! Is It Really?

  [click on the title to open and read the entire article...] Don’t you just love taking thousands of pictures of your children? I do! During piano-recitals, concerts, at the park, during holidays and vacations…   But do those pictures truly reflect the awesome people they are, or just verify a diagnosis? Do they show [...]

A True Story How Playing the Piano Saved a Boy’s Life

[click on the title to read the entire article…] This is a true story about how playing the piano saved a young boy’s life, who was severally beaten and abused by his alcoholic father. Music not only Transformed his Life, but Music Saved his Life! No, I am not telling the story of Beethoven, but [...]

Ted Talk: How Playing a Musical Instrument Benefits Your Brain

[click on the title to read the entire article] Don't take my word for it, but watch the video on TED ED! When you go through my Easy Step by Step Piano Program, 90% of your brain is engaged. This does not happen during any other activity: not reading, not writing, not drawing or art, [...]

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