A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words! Is It Really?


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Don’t you just love taking thousands of pictures of your children?

I do! During piano-recitals, concerts, at the park, during holidays and vacations…  

But do those pictures truly reflect the awesome people they are, or just verify a diagnosis? Do they show the blessings and beauty they bring into other people’s lives? Christina for example will tell me that she loves me, even after I was short-tempered and down-right mean to her.

Christina will say “Hello” to someone who has discriminated against her and broken her heart. Would you do that? I wouldn’t! My sinful nature won’t allow me to humble myself like that. But Christina can. I believe God has given those kids a bigger heart and more love, so that His mercy and grace may be revealed through them. Children with special needs are God’s messengers and close to his heart. He watches extra close over each and everyone of them. I believe special angels are assigned to surround our kids at all times.

I think of Christina’s thoughtfulness by thanking everyone who serves her in any way: at the grocery store, after therapy sessions, at a restaurant, her teachers after recitals, and she thanks conductors after concerts with orchestras…  

I think about her offer of comfort towards me after my Dad died or her trying to cheer us up after our dear kitty had to be put to sleep.

I think of her glow on her face after she played a recital or concert with an orchestra and the happiness it brought to her heart.

I think about the gentleness of her hand in mine, the gentleness of her spirit, which is hard to capture in a picture!



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