A British Piano Instructor Praises Daniela’s Piano Program

As you all know by now, I had the great chance and honor to visit London in the United Kingdom. I stayed with this most supportive and lovely family, who even went Vegan for a while just for me. They gave up their time to show me around, took me to places I needed to go and told EVERYONE about my Piano Program.

I had the chance to introduce my method to a couple of Music Therapy Centers based in the center of London, and talked with a couple of local piano teachers, one of them was Jane Barton, the star of today’s video.

Jane is a phenomenal woman. She traveled an hour by bike just to come see me and to exchange thoughts about different piano teaching methods, music in general and of course we discussed in great length my Piano Program.

Jane was very kind and gracious to give me her testimonial and here it is:

Here are some pictures of Jane and her custom – made bicycle:

Jane Barton and her super bike

and our time at lunch in a small London cafe:

Jane Barton treated me to lunch at a small London cafe with tasty foods.


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