Testimonial from Jennifer

Thank you for everything. You are the best piano teacher we have ever been to and I will recommend you to any parent who is interested in lessons for their child.
– Jennifer
Testimonial from Debbie Blyn
My son, Jared, has been taking piano lessons with Daniela for the past year. He has high-functioning autism and had some limited exposure to music and piano before starting lessons with Daniela.

Jared enjoys practicing each day
Jared practicing a Piano Lesson

She has consistently been able to teach him music theory and proper piano technique. Her manner with him is firm, direct, kind and motivational. He loves his lessons and enjoys practicing each day to master the new skills he is learning. Daniela is a wonderful teacher! She understands the specific issues my son faces, but strives to teach him the same piano skills as any other student. I highly recommend her for all piano students!
– Debbie Blyn

Testimonial from Sindoor Desai
Sujeet Desai, is an international concert pianist, who recently received the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award. Quincy Jones is an American record producer, conductor, arranger, film composer, television producer, and trumpeter.

You see, Sujeet was born with Down syndrome, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He is an amazing person, and a great testament that music changes lives, and gives people with a disability a chance to perform, and show others, that they are more alike than different. Music unites us all.

Sujeet Desai

Sujeet also plays the violin, and wind-instruments. He travels around the globe tirelessly, advocating for people who were born with a special need, and this is what his sweet Mom, Sindoor Desai, has to say about Sujeet’s involvement in music:

The life of those born with special needs improves with the application of “Multiple Intelligences”, with music ranking at the top of those intelligences, according to Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.
Practicing the piano has improved Sujeet’’s hand-eye coordination. Reading music scores improves math skills, spatial perception, and patience, thus addressing issues with ADHD and short attention span.

Performing for an audience has improved Sujeet’s self-esteem, stage presence, and helps him with learning the skills of living independently.

Music definitely brings joy and peace, which in turn has a positive effect on the individual’s health and metabolism.Learning Musical Skills gave Sujeet the necessary social skills to carry on mature conversations with adults, and has helped him with finding acceptance among his peers.

Sindoor emphasizes that “Music Makes Things Happen” in the lives of our special needs children, so that disability does not matter anymore, but becomes a secondary issue for themselves, for us as parents and for the community, who watch them.

Sindoor feels that her relationship with her son Sujeet has become closer through the power and magic of music.
Sindoor Desai
To find out more about Sujeet, you can go to his website:


Amy came to my piano studio in September 2011. Amy has Down syndrome, which means that she has some cognitive challenges. But that doesn’t stop her from learning how to play the piano just like any other typical student, and it doesn’t stop me from teaching her.
As a matter of fact, Amy is always prepared and always has a great attitude, which is every teacher’s dream-student. She works diligently and consistently and as a result she plays extremely well. I expect much from her, and I always assume that everything is possible. With my guidance and her parents’ tireless support, Amy is a blooming young pianist. She is an example and encouragement to all, and a testament to what is possible if given the proper opportunity.
Here is what Amy and her parents are saying about my piano instructions:

Our thirteen year old daughter, Amy, loves music and has been taking piano lessons with Daniela for the past year. Amy has Down syndrome, which presents challenges to her learning and coordination. Daniela understands Down syndrome and works diligently to adapt her instruction to Amy’s developmental needs. She is always patient, positive and holds high expectations for Amy’s progress.
It’s been wonderful to watch Amy’s skills develop, but more importantly we have seen her confidence grow as well. Recently, she was excited and proud to perform for two 500 student assemblies as part of her school’s Talent Show. The acceptance and recognition that Amy has received from her peers and teachers has had such a positive impact on Amy’s self esteem.
Daniela appreciates the potential in Amy and creatively and consistently, week by week, develops that potential. We are very thankful to have found Daniela and for the impact she has had in Amy’s life.

Jenny and Joe Bockerstette


Alex Lasheen
Alex Lasheen has been my piano student for some time now.
He is a model, actor, and a College Graduate. He is currently working with Pepsi Cola company. He is doing well in his piano studies, and this is what he has to say about his piano lessons:
Piano lessons with Daniela help enhance your mood due to the effortless nature she teaches in. Her attitude is always positive and uplifting it’s bound to rub off on her students like it did to me! Her teaching methods reach every level of learning. She is always on point with what she is expecting from her students, very clear and concise. Every time I have a lesson with Daniela I feel like I am that much closer to being a piano master. I’m very glad that I made the decision to take lessons with Daniela, she is worth the investment!

Alex Lasheen