Attention Piano Teachers and Parents

Tapetio Cliffs Luxury Resort
  • Is your Piano Studio or Life in survival mode?
  • Are you aging in dog years (7 for every 1)?
  • No one appreciates you and you are feeling like an empty well?
  • Would you like a day just to yourself and get away from everything and everybody?

I have a refreshing answer for you.   

Come to the beautiful Tapetio Cliffs, a Luxury Resort, and I will show you how you can open up your studio doors to a brand new community of refreshing students and earn more money. Learn How to Teach Students with Down syndrome to Play the Piano and Have a Vacation at the same time…or simply Learn How to Deeply Connect with a Child Born with Down syndrome through the Transformational Powers of Music.    

In my private one on one coaching session I will talk to you about:    

  • What exactly is Down syndrome and can it be reversed?
  • Can children with Down syndrome really learn how to play the pinao?
  • How children with Down syndrome learn.
  • The effects of a child with Down syndrome on the immediate family, and what you can do about it.
  • Laws that protect kids with special needs.
  • How my piano system works and how to use it.
  • Have an award winning and famous piano studio by opening your studio doors to the Down syndrome Community.
  • How to achieve emotional healing using the powers of music.
Lunch at the Tapetio Cliffs Resort

We will start our 6 hour coaching session (that includes a one hour lunch or dinner with me)promptly at an agreed upon time. At lunch- or dinnertime, depending on when we started, I will take you to the beautiful Resort Restaurant and treat you to lunch or dinner. Order what ever your heart desires, the meal is Free, my treat.   

After lunch or dinner we will promptly resume our coaching session until all material is covered and all questions are answered.   

I will have a portable piano with me, so I can show you and demonstrate to you how to use my piano system, and how to teach kids with Down syndrome to play.    

When coaching wih me, I will give you my Piano Method, the Teacher-Student-Combo, absolutely Free (a value of $119.99).    

Plus you will receive my Hollywood Award Winning CD “Heart of a Child” for no charge ($20 value).    

Have a rejuvenating Massage

If you sign up today, I have a very Special Surprise for you: I will gift you a well deserved Relaxing Massage through the Tapetio Cliffs Spa ($160 value). The perfect way to end a perfect day.    

 As a piano teacher you work hard all year long and hardly ever get a break. You are doing a most important job, you are passing the Performing Arts on to the next generation, plus you are extra special, because you are willing to give kids with Down syndrome the opportunity and gift of piano playing. So you deserve a nice treat!    

Hiking in the beautiful Sonoran Dessert

If you are an outdoors person, there are amazing hiking opportunities here in the Sonoran Dessert, and you will have time to get out into nature before or after our coaching session.  

Or just relax by the Tapetio Cliffs Resort Swimming-pools and Waterfalls…you never know what good might happen and whom you might meet.    

Relax at the luxurious Resort Pool

Take advantage of my very special offer and treat yourself to a small vacation at the luxurious Tapetio Cliffs Resort while learning how to improve and advance your piano studio and life and make more money.    

If you are a parent of a child with Down syndrome, then you very much deserve to treat yourself to a small vacation as well. I will take good care of you during our session and make it worth your while. You will come out stronger, more relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle the huge responsibility of raising a child with special needs.    

Don’t wait, sign up Right Now and Transform Your Bussiness and Your Life.    

All this for only $1500.    

If you cannot attend in person, don’t worry, we can do the Coaching Session on Skype at the reduced rate of $1200, and all materials will be mailed to you. Skype Sessions obviously do not include the one hour lunch or dinner with me, and therefore is a 5 hour session. Coaching Session by Skype can be broken up into three sessions held on different days  

Music Transforms You    

Daniela Clapp
Yes, I want to sign up: Coaching Session by Skype for only $1200