About Daniela

My name is Daniela Clapp, and I am a musician. I have known this since I was a young girl. I was born and raised in Mainz, Germany, where I studied piano and viola. I furthered my musical education in the United States.

I have extensive experience working with students of all ages, and at all levels, and offer custom tailored piano-instructions. My students have participated in the Arizona Study Program, Festivals, Competitions, Recitals, Group-Lessons, Rehearsals, and other Performance Opportunities.

For several years I was the accompanist for the Scottsdale Symphony. There I premiered a Symphonic Suite by Columbian Composer Jose Rafael Guerrero Villota. Also, I accompanied the world renowned cellist Vagram Saradjian. In addition, I played and accompanied works by the famous Russian composer Karen Khachaturyan, whom I also had the pleasure of meeting personally.

I was Chairman of the Performance Group for the AZ Music Teacher’s Association. For this group I organized performance opportunities for the local piano-instructors in a friendly and relaxed performance-environment. I talked and lectured about performance-anxieties and other related topics.

Currently I live in the United States with my four children, but frequently travel back to Europe, and visit my family in Germany.

My daughter Christina was born with Down-Syndrome. When I was first told by the doctors about this, my world fell off its axis, and I cried for many months. But God makes no mistakes, and Christina is my sweet little Angel, who taught me the most important lesson in life: Unconditional Love. Without her I would have never seen her beautiful world, and I would have never learned all those important lessons about Faith, Hope and Love.

These little children are sprinkled throughout our midst to remind us what life is really all about and how we should treat others.

Also, I am the CEO of Music Transforms You,LLC, a company that produces CDs, DVDs, Seminars, and Education Material, and is devoted to empowering women around the world who have a child with Down -syndrome. I provide tools, and encouragement with the integration of music to get through the day to day struggles and challenges that we all experience on the “road of life” with our special child.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” By interweaving beautiful music we can connect our different worlds in the most wonderful and unspeakable way. That’s the magic and mystery of music, because it comes from the heart and speaks to the heart.


The church on the right is called “Christuskirche” and that is where it all started… When I was a little girl, my Dad used to take me to the Christuskirche on Sundays.

My favorite part was listening to the angelic voices of the choir, and the organist who would play some majestic piece at the end of the service.

One Sunday my Dad had to talk with the minister, and we went into one of the rooms of the church, and there it was: the most beautiful thing I had ever seen: a big black grand piano. I walked up to it in awe and marveled at the old ivory keys as I breathed the dusky fragrance of wood and varnish and touched the smooth keyboard that would become my personal road to enchantment. From that moment on I decided that I was going to be a musician. Shortly after that I started private piano-lessons, and I used to walk to my piano-lesson on that bumpy road that you see in the picture on the right.

Although along the way my journey in music I encountered many challenges, but I never did regret that calling.

Music plays such a vital role in the world around us, and I feel deep gratitude to be part of this process and to be able to appreciate classical music ,and to witness the wonders it does in people’s lives, especially in troubled times. Often we feel betrayed by life itself, and fear overwhelms us, but our music will never betray us nor let us down, it will always give back and enrich us. The need for music is “hardwired” into our fabric; even infants and plants respond to it and understand it.
Music sharpens our brains, heightens our sense of awareness, and helps us develop an appreciation for beauty and value. Children that are involved in music have better skills: they are smarter and more disciplined, patient, respectful, and dedicated. Classical Music enables them to succeed in all their endeavors.

We remain for all our lives sensitive to the power of music, it holds the key to solving seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles. In times of difficulty, the arts become more vital to human condition. Through the arts we honor our past, understand our present and dream our future.

I encourage all of you to make classical music part of your daily life. You will not regret it, I promise.                                                                           

With all my Love and Heart,

Daniela Clapp
Music Transforms You