Piano Teacher for Individuals With Special Needs, Daniela Clapp, shows you how to use the power of piano and music to unlock the mind, to connect, and to have the best chance in life.

When Words Fail, Music Speaks.

Rhythm Creates Order Out Of Chaos. ~ Plato

Daniela Clapp is speaking at the NDSS Webinar on Thursday February 20th. 1:00 PM EST, 12:00 PM CT, 11:00 AM MT and 10:00 AM PT. Be sure not to miss this important webinar about “Empowering Individuals with Special Needs Through Music” – Daniela will demonstrate how to use the power of music to be your child’s greatest advocate and teacher, even if you have no musical background.
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Daniela Clapp was speaking at the ASMTA Conference 2012 in Arizona. Read more…

  • Did you get the terrifying news that something is wrong with your child and the doctors said it’s irreversable? Or a Loved One suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury or a Stroke? I received those heartbreaking news when my daughter Christina was born with Down syndrome. At first my world fell off it’s axis, and it felt as if I had been swallowed up by darkness! But I am here to tell you that all will be ok!
  • You will experience Hope and Healing for the entire family when using my Holistic Piano Method.
  • You will feel empowered to be their greatest Advocate and their Piano Teacher, even if you have no musical background, when using my very special Holistic Piano Method in my Piano for Special Needs program.
  • You will tap into the magical Power of Music.
  • You will put a Smile on their Face, a Twinkle in their Eye, and see their Priceless Proud Face, when you enable them to learn how to Play the Piano.
  • I am here for you and I want to help you. The quickest way to overcome pains and fears and to offer real practical help for the individual with a special need, is for them  to become actively involved in Music-Making, because there is no other modality known to mankind that is as powerful and healing as Music.
  • Help build Self Esteem in Individuals With Special Needs and give them a Unique Opportunity by teaching them to play the piano, using my Holistic Piano Method.
  • Playing the Piano Stimulates 90% The Brain and Helps With Cognitive Abilities.
  • Help them to be successful and independent by using my Holistic Piano Method in my program for Piano for Special Needs.
  • YES, individuals with special needs can learn how to play the piano, just watch the video below:

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Best wishes for the plentiful rewards that music will bring to you and your students’ life.

Daniela Clapp

Music Transforms You

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